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Airborne dust can be hazardous for health, allergies, children and pets. JJ Hardwood Floors takes the dust out of sanding hardwood floors. No need to put up with a cloud of dust that leaves a cleanup mess, clogged air filters, and damaged electronics.

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The JJ Dustless Sanding System© uses an innovative Atomic Dust Containment System – the most advanced and powerful system available – capturing 99.8% dust.

In addition, our Negative Air Flow Machine can further control your indoor air quality during the refinishing process. Its three-stage filter system eliminates fine dust, odors and fumes inside the space – meaning no dust, no fumes, no smell. If you have health issues, children or pets, you will appreciate this extra step

JJ Hardwood Floors uses certified GREENGUARD® Non-Toxic Finishing Products that are both longer-lasting and don't pollute the air with harmful levels of dangerous chemicals or irritable particles. You simply enjoy no fumes, no smell, and beautiful floors.

Instead of dreading the process, your refinishing hardwood floor project will now be a breeze!