EXCELLENT HARDWOOD Floors aren't by accident

"Experience what it is like to 'walk on excellence.' There is no other alternative for us on our Hardwood Floors."

Jay Bourgeois and John Aiello
co-owners of JJ Hardwood Flooring, Inc., in business since 1989

  • PROVIDING EXPERTISE on how each wood species reacts in different environments for high quality Hardwood Flooring.
  • PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLING AND REFINISHING HARDWOOD FLOORS for over 23 years so their beauty and value will last a lifetime.

JJ Hardwood Floors, Inc. provides environmentally-friendly and health-conscious wood floor finishes – just so you can "walk on excellence."

  • I couldn't have been happier with all of the guys at the site. They were extremely competent with great interpersonal skills and reliable. I would whole heartedly recommend the company to anybody.

    - Susan Hall
  • In the middle of the job, my original floor contractor suddenly said he couldn’t do what I wanted – dyeing the floor to a dark ebony color. I was in tears. I called JJ Hardwood Floors who immediately came over; finished installing the floor; and dyed it to the exact color I wanted. They saved the day. I am SO grateful to the whole team at JJ Hardwood Floors.

    - Gerri McDonald


IMPORTANT TIPS You Should Know Before Installing or Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Your finished hardwood floor should be made to last a lifetime. Here are IMPORTANT points to consider before you ever hire a floor contractor.

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